Can we talk?

by Guy Robison, Vice President and PACEY Coordinator

No, seriously…can we? As in: can we communicate?

Communication is a key component in our everyday interactions with others. It’s an exchange of ideas and information, thoughts and feelings. And although many people are very good at talking, they aren’t always good at communicating. Some of the biggest problems we face in our everyday interactions, and in society, can be traced back to poor communication. A misunderstanding or lack of sufficient information.

So we are clear, the following is an editorial. It is my personal opinion and point of view.   READ MORE

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PACEY - PACE Young Adult Support Group

A new year brings new beginnings and this month marks the beginning of the third year for PACEY, our Social Support group for LGBTQA Young Adults of high school to college age.  It has been an exciting first couple of years and this year looks to be even better.  We’ve seen members join and leave as they continue with their journey in life; but, we maintain a core group of individuals with an average attendance of fifteen young people per meeting.  We provide a place to meet with a sense of community; a place to belong.  Most importantly we provide a place to feel safe where people can just be themselves.  Some meetings delve into serious topics facing young people at school and in the community while other meetings are more casual with general discussions and fun.  It all depends on their needs.  READ MORE

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