HB 707 Update

Mike Johnson's "Marriage and Conscience Act" (HB 707) has been assigned to the Louisiana House Civil Law and Procedure Committee. Please contact the members of the committee and let them know you oppose this discriminatory legislation.  You can download the email addresses of the committee members here (click the link). Here is a sample script you can use when contacting the committee:

I am contacting all the members of the Civil Law and Procedure Committee to ask each of you not to let HB 707 leave your committee.  It is so broadly written that it would give a license for discrimination against Louisiana’s LGBT community in employment, housing, and services from businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.  There are already no protections for LGBT people (like there are for groups based on race, religion, gender, etc.) in our state except for New Orleans and Shreveport, so HB 707 simply piles on to make it clear that LGBT, and their allies, are really, really not welcome in Louisiana.  With our state budget in crisis, we do not need to be the next Indiana. We will not be able to afford to hire a global PR firm like Indiana has done to try to repair our state image.  Please do what’s best for our State--talented young people do not understand the obsession that some people have with passing laws that target their LGBT friends. Businesses will not come to or expand their presence in a state that targets some of their employees--it is easier for them to simply do business with states that treat everyone equally.

Download more information about Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA) in general, and why Louisiana's is particularly bad.

With your help we can prevent HB707 from getting out of committee!